21 Best Restaurants on The North Shore, MN (2024)

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Are you looking for the best restaurants on the North Shore, MN to eat at during your upcoming visit?

I’m a huge foodie and am always looking for new places to go. And every time I visit the North Shore, I’m finding new places to add to my ‘must-have’ list. My all-time favorite is The Fisherman’s Daughter in Grand Marais.

In this post, we’ll go over the best places to eat for your visit!

Top 5 Places to Eat on the North Shore:

  • The Fisherman’s Daughter (Grand Marais)
  • Rustic Inn Cafe (Two Harbors)
  • Naniboujou Lodge (Grand Portage)
  • Hungry Hippie Tacos (Grand Marais & Duluth)
  • OMC Steakhouse (Duluth)

Restaurants on The North Shore, MN

Grandma's Saloon seen in front of the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth.

1. Grandma’s Saloon & Grill

Address: 522 S Lake Ave, Duluth
Style: American

The classic Duluth favorite in Canal Park with a long and interesting history, Grandma’s Saloon and Grill, is one of the best places to stop before jumping onto North Shore Drive.

It’s said that Rosa Brochi opened up a boarding house to help sailors on Lake Superior in 1869, and her grandsons later opened ‘Grandmas’ in the same building.

Grandma’s has some of the best views of Lake Superior. I visited this summer and we sat outside on their rooftop patio. It was so fun to watch the ships pass under the Aerial Lift Bridge as we ate.

2. Va Bene

Address: 734 E Superior Street, Duluth
Style: Italian

Another Duluth favorite, Va Bene serves delicious Italian dishes, made fresh with only quality ingredients.

I seriously can never pass up Italian food. And every time I pass by Va Bene, I almost have to stop. It’s that good.

Between the incredible pasta, different sandwiches, glasses of wine, and a variety of gelato and sorbet, you’re bound to leave Va Bene full.

Plus, you can admire the amazing views of the Lakewalk as you eat, since this is one of the most perfect waterfront restaurants.

Two pieces of pie on the table at Betty's Pies, one of the best restaurants North Shore, MN.

3. Betty’s Pies

Address: 1633 MN-61, Two Harbors
Style: Cafe

If you’ve ever been to the North Shore, you’ve probably heard of or at least driven past Betty’s Pies. You’ll know where it is when you see the parking lot that’s packed with cars off Highway 61.

Betty’s Pies has become a staple in people’s North Shore trips, and it’s really like a trap that just draws you in. You see that bright blue sign, and you just can’t drive past without stopping!

They serve amazing handmade pies that are freshly made, as well as a menu of other comfort foods. I got a pasty last time that was so delicious.

And if you want to taste something that is like Heaven in your mouth, then you have to get the Great Lakes Crunch Pie. The mix of berries and crisp sugar topping is out of this world.

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    4. Do North Pizzeria

    Address: 15 Waterfront Drive, Two Harbors
    Style: Pizza

    Pizza is always a good idea, and it’s especially great after a full day of exploring the North Shore!

    At Do North Pizzeria in Two Harbors, you can try out one of their specialty pizzas, or build your own from their huge list of ingredients.

    They even have pickles as a topping, so if you want to relive last years’ most popular food from the Minnesota State Fair (pickle pizza), you totally can.

    The sign leading into the Silver Creek Chophouse at Superior Shores Resort.

    5. Silver Creek Chophouse

    Address: 1521 Superior Shores Drive, Two Harbors
    Style: Steakhouse

    If you’re looking for one of the best fine dining restaurants on the North Shore, head to Silver Creek Chophouse in Superior Shores Resort.

    This is the perfect chance to get all dressed up and take your sweetheart out to dinner as you enjoy the beautiful shoreline of Lake Superior.

    On the menu, you’ll find a wide selection of wood-fired steaks as well as Superior-caught fish, other meats, and more.

    Plus, the ambiance of the place is so unique with the built-in fireplace wall. It makes for a cozy evening in when the chilly temperatures of a Minnesota winter are blustering outside.

    A green plate sitting on a table with barbeque food on it like ribs and mac 'n' cheese.

    6. OMC Smokehouse

    Address: 1909 W Superior Street, Duluth
    Style: Barbeque

    From the second I walked into OMC Smokehouse in Duluth, I knew that I was going to be in for some really tasty barbeque.

    They have a huge menu of classic barbeque foods, but my personal favorite is the Smoked OMC Plate. My mom and I got this to share last time, and it was plenty for both of us. And trust me when I say to get a side of candied sweet potato bake. It is SO GOOD.

    At the table, they have four different BBQ sauces for you to try with your food, so you can choose if you like things a little heated or if you’re like me and like to keep it mild.

    Then, head out for some great exploring of Canal Park, since the restaurant is located so close to the area.

    A pile of barbeque wings in a to-go container from Cove Point Crossings.

    7. Cove Point Crossings

    Address: 4614 MN-61, Beaver Bay
    Style: Bar & Grill

    Right in Beaver Bay is Cove Point Crossings, a basic bar and grill that serves some of the best wings I’ve ever had.

    A few summers ago, they had a specialty blueberry barbeque wing that I loved, but I don’t think that they have it anymore. Either way, they give a huge serving of wings and they’re delicious.

    Aside from wings, they also serve a list of burgers and pizzas.

    It’s the perfect place to stop right in the middle of the North Shore. There are also a few tables outside overlooking the lake, so you can have lunch with a view.

    8. Bluefin Grille

    Address: 7192 MN-6, Tofte
    Style: Fine Dining

    Another great option if you’re looking for North Shore fine dining is Bluefin Grille, which is attached to one of the best places to stay on the shore, Bluefin Bay.

    At Bluefin Grille, right in the Bluefin Bay Resort, you’ll be served a variety of fine dining options, but in a casual atmosphere.

    One of the best parts of Bluefin Grille is that they rotate their menu seasonally, meaning that you’re going to get the freshest and most seasonal foods available.

    My favorite part is the massive windows that look out into Lake Superior. Whether it’s summer and the sun is shining on the water or the waves are crashing in during winter, it’s a phenomenal view.

    The building where Rustin Inn is at with a sign that reads 'Fresh Pies' on it, one of the North Shore restaurants.

    9. Rustic Inn Cafe

    Address: 2772 MN-61, Two Harbors
    Style: Cafe

    I hope that you saved room for more dessert after Betty’s Pies, because in my opinion, this is the better option of the two!

    Rustic Inn is just a short drive further up the shore, has fewer crowds, and serves just as good (if not better!) pies.

    I honestly don’t think that I’ve had a pie better than their Raspberry Cream. We love it so much that we order a couple every year from a local fundraiser and store them in the freezer for later.

    You can also enjoy comfort foods like their wild rice meatloaf dinner. They also have a full breakfast menu if you’re visiting in the morning.

    10. The Strand

    Address: 5700 MN-61, Lutsen
    Style: Fine Dining

    You’ve found the ultimate place for a romantic dinner out near Duluth at one of the most beautiful restaurants on the North Shore, MN.

    At The Strand, you’ll enjoy waterfront dining, overlooking Lake Superior in the historic Lutsen Lodge.

    They serve a variety of seafood dishes as well as other styles, all with their own unique flavors, such as salmon with a raspberry chipotle glaze.

    11. Naniboujou Lodge

    Address: 20 Naniboujou Trail, Grand Portage
    Style: American

    One of my favorite hidden gems on the North Shore is the Naniboujou Lodge in Grand Portage.

    Inside of the dining room, you’ll find one of the most beautiful painted rooms, all designed with Native American influence. Plus, you can see the largest stone fireplace in Minnesota standing at over 20 feet tall, made of Lake Superior stones.

    You will need a reservation to eat if you’re not a guest, but the delicious food is worth the extra phone call to make one.

    12. Sven and Ole’s

    Address: 9 Wisconsin Steet, Grand Marais
    Style: Pizza

    This pizza restaurant sits in the same building that it first opened in way back in 1981, when two brothers decided to open a small food stand.

    Today, they serve delicious pizzas that many people know and love, and make a special stop in Grand Marais to pick up on their way up the shore.

    It’s one of the best Grand Marais restaurants, and you’ll often find it busy during peak season!

    Two baksets of shrimp and fries from The Fisherman's Daughter on a patio table.

    13. The Fisherman’s Daughter

    Address: 418 MN-61, Grand Marais
    Style: Seafood

    This adorable restaurant is unsuspecting, but it’s become one of my favorite places to eat on the North Shore, Minnesota.

    Their menu is limited, but that’s because they master one thing and stick to what they’re good at. This means you’ll get the highest quality food.

    I always order shrimp and chips. The last time we visited, Tyler grabbed a container of dill cheese curds out of the deli case to bring home, and they were so good that we accidentally ate all of them while we waited for our food.

    The Hungry Hippies Tacos restaurant on the North Shore, MN.

    14. Hungry Hippie Tacos

    Address: 15 MN-61, Grand Marais
    Style: Tacos

    This hip little shop serves unique, homemade frybread tacos with delicious toppings in an adorable setting.

    You can build your own tacos with special toppings such as apple-smoked pork and salsa-roasted chicken.

    They make everything from scratch, and you can tell that it’s all high quality from the moment you step in the door and take a smell. They also recently opened a location in Duluth!

    A sidewalk leading to the Angry Trout Cafe in Grand Marais on Lake Superior.

    15. Angry Trout Cafe

    Address: 408 W MN-61, Grand Marais
    Style: American

    Located right on the harbor in Grand Marais, the Angry Trout Cafe is one of the most popular places to grab a bite to eat.

    They have a pretty wide menu with everything from burgers to fish and chips, and even specialty dinners like bison tenderloin.

    I love that they have an outdoor patio, so during the summer months, you can sit outside and enjoy the sounds of Lake Superior’s waves.

    16. South of the Border Cafe

    Address: 4 MN-61, Grand Marais
    Style: Breakfast

    If you’re looking for somewhere to grab breakfast on the North Shore, MN, then the South of the Border Cafe is your place!

    This adorable, unsuspecting cafe has a menu packed with delicious breakfast items from fresh-made omelets to french toast or pancakes.

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I’d almost always rather go out for breakfast than dinner. So this would be my choice for where to go to eat North Shore!

    A cup of coffee sitting on the counter with a design made in the coffee.

    17. Cedar Coffee Company

    Address: 1130 11th Street, Two Harbors

    Needing a quick pick-me-up after you’ve enjoyed eating at these delicious places to eat on the North Shore or something to get your morning started?

    Head on over to Cedar Coffee Company, which is nestled back in the woods, away from the busyness of all of the activities in Two Harbors.

    They have a full cafe menu of coffees, lattes, smoothies, and more. Plus they have a selection of breakfast and lunch foods like sandwiches and salads.

    18. Java Moose Espresso Cafe

    Address: 218 MN-61, Grand Marais

    Another great place to grab a cup of coffee and a treat is at Java Moose Espresso Cafe, located right in Grand Marais.

    It’s the perfect spot to swing in and grab a coffee before a hike, walk by the lakeside, or sit in the shop and just relax!

    Java Moose’s menu features your favorite coffee-inspired drinks like lattes and cold presses, but it also has a few locally-inspired drinks like their Nordic Miel Latte, which has Minnesota-made honey, cinnamon, and a sugar latte.

    Best Dessert on the North Shore

    Don’t forget to save room for dessert when you’re eating your way up the North Shore, because there are plenty of great choices.

    Myself holding a cup of custard with fruit and whipped topping on top with the Sydney's sign behind it.

    19. Sydney’s Frozen Custard

    Address: 19 Wisconsin St, Grand Marais, MN

    If you’re down exploring some of the best activities in Grand Marais, then you’re going to want to make a stop at Sydney’s Frozen Custard.

    They have some of the best freshly made custard that you can add toppings to to create the perfect treat for exploring the North Shore.

    During my recent visit, I got a sundae with strawberries, bananas, and hot fudge. And when paired with walking along Lake Superior’s shoreline, it made for the best day.

    The building for World's Best Donuts in Grand Marais, one of the best restaurants on the North Shore, MN.

    20. World’s Best Donuts

    Address: 10 E Wisconsin Street, Grand Marais

    I don’t even know that I need to say much more about World’s Best Donuts when they have a name like that.

    World’s Best Donuts has been family-owned and operated since 1969, and ever since, they’ve been serving freshly made donuts out of their small, red and white building.

    Whether you’re looking for breakfast or a snack, this is the most perfect place for it, right in Grand Marais!

    21. Portland Malt Shoppe

    Address: 716 E Superior Street, Duluth

    Making a trip to the Portland Malt Shoppe was something that I looked forward to every year during my family’s annual trip to Leif Erickson Park.

    It’s a small seasonal shop that usually has a line down the block. This is for good reason, and I highly recommend that you stop at least once.

    They have malts, sundaes, cones, and more on their menu. But my favorite is the banana sundae, which is just like a banana split.

    Wrap-Up: Restaurants on The North Shore, MN

    Finding delicious places to eat is one of the best parts of traveling, especially if you’re able to find somewhere that has unique foods!

    There are so many great restaurants on the North Shore, MN, including places for breakfast, fine-dining, casual, grab-and-go, and dessert.

    Now that you know where you’re going to eat, be sure to add all of the most unique things on the North Shore to your itinerary!

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