17 Romantic Things to Do in Duluth, MN for Date Night

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Whether you’re visiting for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just for a weekend away spent together, Duluth is the perfect place for couples.

There are so many great activities that will bring you closer together and allow you to just enjoy each other’s company.

For your next date night (or weekend!), try some of these romantic things to do in Duluth, MN with your significant other.

Romantic Things to Do in Duluth, MN

Below are 17 of the best date night activities in Duluth, MN for a night out with your significant other!

1. Take a Stroll on the Lake Walk

The Lake Walk near Lake Superior with a views of the Aerial Lift Bridge with beautiful colors in the sky.

There’s sure something special about walking along a beautiful trail along one of the great lakes with the person you love.

Talk to each other and connect on a deeper level as you stroll along Duluth’s Lake Walk, which runs along Lake Superior.

Listen to the sounds of waves crashing into the shore and admire the beauty that’s right in front of you (yes, I mean your partner!).

The Lake Walk is nearly 8 miles long and is paved for the entire way, so you can go for as long or little as you like.

You’ll get to really get to know your partner better during this activity because it’ll be just you, them, and the mighty lake.

2. Have a Photoshoot at the Rose Gardens

Pink and red roses amongst green bushes in a rose garden.

Every summer at Leif Erickson Park in Duluth, 4.5 acres of land are planted with beautiful roses and other flowers.

There are over 3,000 rose bushes that act as the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot together.

Bring a tripod and snag a few beautiful pictures together to hang on the wall at home, or just pull out your phone for a selfie or two!

And if you aren’t into pictures, at least visit the roses and admire all of the work that goes into keeping them as pristine looking as they are.

I know it may be tempting, but visit the market and buy your partner a rose rather than picking one off of a bush.

3. Go for a Scenic Drive on the North Shore

A view of Lake Superior from the North Shore Scenie Drive is a romantic thing to do near Duluth.

Are you searching for something relaxing to do with your significant other in Duluth? Or is it raining and you need to stay undercover?

Head out and take the over 150-mile drive up the North Shore.

Along the way, stop at overlooks such as Palisade Head and Black Beach, or head into a couple of the 8 state parks.

Gooseberry Falls and Tettegouche State Parks both offer incredible views and easy access to the top attractions, including waterfalls close to Duluth!

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is another great option, featuring one of the most popular lighthouses in the state.

Or, just drive along the entire scenic highway and enjoy each other’s company. 

Maybe listen to your favorite tunes together or ask each other questions that you don’t know the answers to.

Either way, the North Shore Scenic Drive is beautiful and is a great way to spend a day as a couple.

4. Marvel at Lights During Christmas Time

A Christmas light display at Bentleyville in 2021.

Visiting Duluth in the winter months? Then there’s really nothing better and more romantic in Duluth than a visit to Bentleyville.

This holiday light festival takes place in Bayfront Festival Park, right on the shores of Lake Superior.

You’ll have the opportunity to walk amongst over 3 million glowing lights that light up the entire downtown.

You can even enjoy free cookies, hot cocoa, and roast marshmallows over a small campfire.

Take a few photos under the heart lights and see if you can spot the mistletoe in a few places around the tour of lights.

5. Watch the Sunset Over Lake Superior

The sun setting over Lake Superior near Duluth, MN creates an orange glow that feels romantic.

One of the most romantic things to do in Duluth, MN with your spouse, partner, or significant other is to catch the sunset over Lake Superior.

Find one of the hundreds of viewpoints along the shore, whether it be along the North Shore Scenic Drive or right in Canal Park, and set yourself up.

One of the most popular places is right near the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge.

Bring either a blanket or a couple of lawn chairs and get ready to watch the magic happen.

Shades of purples, pinks, and blues will fill the sky and make Lake Superior look even more spectacular than it already does.

After a day spent exploring Duluth together, there’s really nothing better than this.

6. Share Dessert at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Caramel apples are a great dessert to share on a romantic date in Duluth, MN.

If you’re anything like me and my boyfriend, then you will love to share a dessert together, everywhere you go!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is one of the best, located right in Canal Park, down by the lake.

They make caramel apples, fudge, caramels, chocolates, and more delicious treats to share.

Or, maybe each of you have your own! There’s no shame here! 

The best idea here would be to grab your treats and take them down to the lake walk to stroll along the beautiful Lake Superior.

7. Grab a Drink at the North Shore Winery

Two glasses on wine sitting on a table.

While a bit further away from Duluth, the North Shore Winery is a great place to spend a day with your significant other on the shore.

Head out for a day trip to Lutsen and visit one of the most beautiful places for a winery ever!

On Thursday nights, they host date night at the winery, so this may be the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together.

You can also enjoy a few different offerings in their tasting room such as flights or selections of wine by the glass.

If you’re hungry, grab a bite of their snacks such as meat, cheese, and crackers to pair with that glass of wine that you ordered.

It even makes for a nice place to head indoors to if it’s raining or cold outside, to still have a romantic night out.

8. Go for a Gondola Ride at Lutsen Mountains

A view of the Sawtooth Mountains surrounding Lutsen on the Lutsen Gondola.

While you’re in Lutsen at the winery, you might as well see one of the most beautiful views on the North Shore from the gondola at Lutsen Mountains.

The Summit Express is an aerial gondola that lifts you high above the ground and brings you for a ride over the Sawtooth Mountains of the North Shore.

It rises 1,000 feet over Lake Superior, providing one of the best viewpoints on the entire shore!

This is the perfect romantic thing to do in Duluth to see those views during the summer when the ski resort is closed for the season.

You’ll get to enjoy some quality time together as you peer out the windows, searching for wildlife, and wildflowers, and just admiring the beauty around you.

9. Take a Train Ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad

Here I have possibly one of the most unique activities that you could do together while visiting Duluth.

Book a train ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad and spend time together in a way that most others aren’t able to!

The train operates daily in the summer and fall and on select days in the winter for their Christmas specialty train rides.

There are a variety of different train rides including a pizza and music option, a full-day excursion, and the Duluth Zephyr.

Throughout the year, special train rides such as the Christmas City Express and the Great Pumpkin Train are other fun options.

Perhaps you’d like to celebrate the holidays together and head out on a Christmas-themed train ride. What a unique new tradition to start.

10. Enjoy a Rooftop Dinner

A fork cutting into a slice of cheescake, which is a dessert to be shared on a rooftop diner.

For one of the most unique and beautiful dinner venues that you’ll ever eat at, head to the Apostle Supper Club on top of the Radisson Hotel.

This revolving restaurant provides some of the best views of Duluth and Lake Superior, all while you enjoy your dinner.

This upscale restaurant is located on the 16th floor of the Radisson Hotel and will surely be unforgettable.

Enjoy delicious meals such as chicken fried lobster, filet mignon, and prime rib. It’s even served with warm bread. Yum.

Then, enjoy a dessert of New York Style cheesecake or chocolate ganache cake.

There’s really just something about enjoying a romantic dinner together, especially in such a beautiful location.

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    11. Watch the City Lights Shine

    The Aerial Lift Bridge glows at night over Lake Superior, making for a romantic thing to see in Duluth.

    Prepare yourself a delicious picnic (or grab takeout!), take along your favorite blanket, and make a drive up Skyline Parkway.

    This 28-mile scenic byway leads you up to several fantastic overlooks of the city, allowing you to see it from a different perspective.

    There may be some people at the stops, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to snag one all to yourself to enjoy a picnic, just the two of you.

    There are also many parks near the Skyling Parkway that feature picnic tables, hiking and cross-country skiing trails, and opportunities for bird-watching.

    This may even be the place where you watch the sunset over Lake Superior but from a different vantage point!

    Stay awhile after the sun has gone down to see the lights of the city brighten up the sky.

    12. Have a Romantic Dinner

    Two glasses of wine with wine in them, sitting at a table with lights behind it.

    Whether it’s at the rotating restaurant above, your favorite sit-down place, or with a picnic that you made together and a few tealight candles, enjoy a romantic dinner together.

    There are so many great places to choose from in Duluth, including many fine dining and many more casual options.

    A few local favorites include Va Bene, located right in Canal Park, Grandma’s in the Park, and Blackwoods Grill and Bar.

    Many restaurants also do takeout, so you could order your favorite food to go and bring it with you for a picnic or a meal at home.

    13. Ride a Carriage Through Canal Park

    A horse that is pulling a carriage, such as the ones in Canal Park.

    One of the most popular areas in Duluth is the well-known and heavily populated Canal Park.

    This area is home to many restaurants and small and large shops. It sits right on the lakeshore and has some of the best views of the Aerial Lift Bridge.

    For a romantic activity to do together, book a carriage ride through Top Hat Carriages.

    Hop onto the horse-drawn carriage as they pull you around Canal Park and allow you to look at all the scenes and see things that you may not have if you were walking.

    In the winter, make it even more special by booking a sleigh or bobsled ride at Top Hat Carriages’ stable.

    These festive and fun activities will sure put you in the holiday spirit and make you feel as if you’re right in a Hallmark Christmas movie!

    14. Enjoy a Play

    While you won’t be able to talk to each other during this activity, it gives you a chance to support local theater and enjoy a play together.

    Head to the Duluth Playhouse and watch one of the plays that they are showing at the time.

    This varies from month to month, from broadway-like shows to Christmas plays, to local concerts.

    This Duluth date night idea is perfectly paired with going to dinner and grabbing dessert at one of the delicious places in Canal Park.

    15. Watch the Ships Sail By

    Benches lining the Lake Walk near the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, MN.

    I’ve mentioned it a few times by now, but you really can’t make a trip to Duluth without at least seeing the extremely iconic Aerial Lift Bridge at least once.

    This giant, metal lift bridge was constructed way back in 1905 and spans the ship canal in Canal Park.

    It’s one of few of its kind that actually still operates today, and you can actually walk across it for a unique experience.

    If you’re visiting with your significant other, plan a picnic, just like on the Skyline Parkway!

    Grab your meal and find a grassy spot down near the canal to perch up and eat as you watch the ships glide past you. You can find a schedule for when the ships will come and go by clicking here.

    16. Share a Brew at Bent Paddle Brewing

    Going to a brewery and seeing where the beers are made can be a romantic way to spend the night in Duluth, MN.

    If you aren’t up for driving all the way to Lutsen for the North Shore Winery or prefer a cold brew to a glass of wine, then head to the Bent Paddle Brewery for a night out.

    This local brewery is located just a few miles from Canal Park and features beers that are made out of 100% Lake Superior water.

    Their goal is to make beers that “bend the tradition” and give the locals (and visitors) somewhere great to enjoy a few locally made drinks.

    If you’d prefer something a bit more educational, take a tour of the brewery and learn how the beers are made, and enjoy a few samples.

    Overall, Bent Paddle Brewery is a great place to stop and spend some time together while doing these romantic things in Duluth, MN.

    17. Ride the Alpine Coaster

    An alpine coaster that leads down a tall hill.

    Are you an adventurous couple that prefers to be doing something all the time rather than sitting and relaxing? I get it, we’re that way too!

    The perfect Duluth date night idea for you is to go for a ride on the Spirit Mountain Adventure Park alpine coaster.

    The Timber Twister races down a 3,200-foot track through the trees and down the mountain which turns into a ski resort in the winter.

    You’ll be in complete control of how fast you go, and these carts can get up to 26 miles per hour, which is fast when you’re out in the open in the woods!

    There are a few spots that open up and have an overlook at Lake Superior in the distance.

    Visit in the fall time to see the beautiful color-changing leaves surrounding you as you fly through the forest of Spirit Mountain.

    Romantic Places to Stay in Duluth

    While you’re in Duluth and are spending time together doing many of these date night ideas, you’ll also need a place to stay.

    For the most romantic of stays, be sure to book yourself a hotel room with a jacuzzi, to spend time relaxing in your own private hot tub together!

    Beacon Pointe — This beautiful resort has unobstructed views of Lake Superior, a hot tub, and private rooms complete with a kitchenette.

    Canal Park Lodge — Found right on Canal Park Drive, this large hotel is within walking distance of many of these date night ideas in Duluth.

    Pier B Resort — This classic hotel in Duluth features an outdoor hot tub with incredible views of the Lift Bridge, making it the perfect romantic stay for a couple.

    Wrap-Up: Romantic Things to Do in Duluth, MN

    There are so many romantic things to do in Duluth from sharing a rooftop dinner together, to admiring the views of Lake Superior, to going for a late-night drive.

    Next time you’re looking for a getaway with that special someone, look no further than beautiful Duluth.