21 Best Things to Do in Roseau, MN from a LOCAL (2023)

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Whether you’ve accepted a new job at Polaris or are heading Up North for hockey, there are plenty of fun things to do in Roseau, MN.

While the small town is unsuspecting and you may feel like you’re headed up into the middle of nowhere, the community has done a great job at keeping this small town alive.

I’ve lived in Roseau for a few months and have loved getting to know the small town, and can’t wait to share all of its special things!

In this post, I’ll share with you my favorite things to do as a local, as well as some other great activities in Roseau for everyone.

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Best Things to Do in Roseau, MN

Below are some of the very best Roseau activities to keep you busy on your visit up North.

1. Visit the Polaris Experience Center

Roseau, Minnesota is the home to the popular power sports brand, Polaris, so a visit to Roseau really wouldn’t be complete without learning about it!

At the Polaris Experience Center, you can wander through interactive exhibits that teach you all about how Polaris came to be.

A sign that reads Polaris Experience Center leading into the exhibits for one of the best things to do in Roseau.

Inside you’ll find everything from one of the oldest snowmobiles ever made to motorcycles and side-by-sides that you can check out.

There’s even a mini theater where you can sit back and relax as you learn about the start of Polaris and how they’ve become who they are today.

From power sports enthusiasts to those who are new to the game, you’ll love checking out the Polaris Experience Center.

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    2. Take a Tour of the Polaris Factory

    If exploring the Polaris Experience Center wasn’t enough, you can get right into the action and take a tour of the Polaris factory!

    Factory tours are free and take place every weekday at 2:00 pm, and you’ll get to wander through the plant with a guide and learn about how the products are made.

    Your guide will walk you through what it takes to build all of the products, from the engineering of them to putting them together.

    3. Go Boating on Lake of the Woods

    Situated right between Minnesota and Canada, Lake of the Woods is where you’ll find most people spending their time in the summer.

    Even in the winter, there are hundreds of people out on the big lake enjoying the great ice fishing and snowmobiling that comes with it!

    Docks sitting on water at sunset over a large lake.

    Lake of the Woods is a massive lake, known for being the Walleye Capital of World.

    So whether you want to get out to catch some of the fish that give it its name, or you just want to head out on a boat to enjoy the water, this is a great place to start.

    You will have to drive a short distance away to Warroad to get on the water, but it’s well worth the quick trip!

    4. Take a Trip to Hayes Lake State Park

    Another way to get on the water near Roseau is by visiting Hayes Lake State Park, which is just 25 minutes outside of town.

    Hayes Lake is a peaceful, tree-filled state park that feels worlds apart from the rest of Roseau!

    Trees lining the edge of a lake.

    Here you’ll find dozens of hiking trails, places to go swimming, docks for fishing off of, and places to put in your boat or kayaks.

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately on Hayes Lake kayaking, and have found it to be such a peaceful, serene escape from everyday life.

    5. Go for a Snowmobile Ride

    Since Roseau is basically the snowmobile capital of the world, it would just be wrong to skip out on a snowmobile ride during your visit!

    Of course, you can only do this in the winter months, but it’s the perfect way to get outside and embrace the chilly weather.

    Myself sitting on a Polaris snowmobile on a trail in the woods.

    There are snowmobile trails all over Roseau, Minnesota, from ones that lead down into Beltrami Island State Forest or heading out onto the Roseau River, and everywhere in between.

    A unique place to visit on your sled is the Northwest Angle, which is the piece of land that juts into Canada, that can only be reached by crossing the water or the United States and Canadian border.

    If you need to rent a snowmobile, you can try out some of Polaris’ best sleds by renting from the Polaris Experience Center.

    6. Ride the ATV Trails

    Just as Roseau is known for its snowmobiles, we’re also well known for the huge number of ATV trails spread around the area.

    Tyler driving a side-by-side on a trail for one of the best activities in Roseau.

    There are almost 1,500 miles of ATV trails that are accessible from Roseau, most going through the Beltrami Island State Forest.

    All of the trails are well marked which makes it easy for those who are from out of town to follow along.

    7. Visit the Roseau ATV Park

    A new addition to the Roseau community is the Roseau ATV Park, which was just built in the past month by a group of engineers at Polaris.

    At the ATV park, you can check out the trails that were designed specifically to take out these machines and ride them through the mud.

    From jumps to mud pits, this park has it all for adventurous riders looking to test their skills.

    I know that these guys worked really hard to get this built, so go check it out for one of the best things to do in Roseau, MN!

    8. Try Axe Throwing

    Something unique that you’ll find here in Roseau is axe throwing at Riverview Outdoors and Recreation (ROAR).

    A wall that has targets for axe throwing at ROAR in Roseau.

    This new addition to Roseau, Minnesota is a great way to get some friends together and plan a fun adventure!

    You can also find rentals for fun things like snowshoes, bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards at ROAR.

    9. Eat at a Drive-In

    If you want to check out one of the best restaurants in Roseau, MN, then you’re going to want to make a stop at Earl’s Drive-In.

    Only open during the summer months, you’ll find people flocking to Earl’s every day to enjoy their carhop service.

    Sit back in your air-conditioned car and wait for the carhop to come to your window and take your order.

    Earl’s serves up delicious hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and more, but I would really recommend the Hi-Boy Burger. It’s so good!

    Be sure to plan some extra time here, because Earl’s tends to get really busy.

    10. Check Out the Roseau County Museum

    If you want to learn a bit more about the history of Roseau, then you should head to the Roseau County Museum.

    Here you’ll find exhibits that preserve and showcase the history of Roseau County.

    There’s a huge variety of exhibits, and some of the change throughout the year, so you may have an entirely unique visit from someone else!

    11. Go Golfing at Oakcrest Golf Course

    Golfing is a big sport up here in Roseau, and I often see lots of people out on the green, especially on warm summer days.

    Oak Crest Golf Course is found in the middle of Roseau, MN and it’s been named as one of the best golf courses in Northern Minnesota!

    Head on over and play a few rounds at the 18-hole course that features a full clubhouse, driving range, putting green, and more.

    12. Take the Kids to the Splash Pad

    If it’s a hot day, then the best place to bring the kiddos is the Roseau splash pad, which you’ll find in Downtown Roseau.

    Ever since it opened for the summer, I don’t think I’ve driven past without seeing at least a few kids splashing!

    A dump bucket at the splash pad for kids to play at.

    It’s a popular place for little ones to cool off and for parents to watch them have fun in the sun.

    There’s even a playground next to it, so they can play in both the water and at the playground. There are also picnic tables nearby to enjoy a snack at.

    13. Paddle Down the Roseau River

    The Roseau River flows right through the city and is a popular place for recreation throughout the entire year.

    In the winter, it becomes a trail to ride your snowmobiles, and in summer, it’s the perfect place to paddle within city limits.

    Spend time kayaking down the river or try your hand at fishing some of the many species that call it home, including catfish.

    You can even rent river tubes from ROAR to take a relaxing float down the river. They also rent kayaks and paddleboards.

    14. Go Bowling at Sparetime Bowl

    Another fun activity in Roseau is to spend some time at Sparetime Bowl.

    This bowling alley features everything that you’ll need to have a fun time throwing balls down the lane and knocking over the pins.

    There’s even an arcade at the bowling alley, so the kids can try to play some games while you’re visiting.

    15. Watch Hockey at the Roseau Memorial Arena

    Hockey is a huge thing up here in Roseau. I mean, dare I say that it’s even bigger than Polaris and power sports are?!

    Because of this, you’re able to spend time at the Roseau Memorial Arena watching a game of hockey throughout the winter months.

    The Roseau High School hockey team plays here throughout the week, and while you watch the thrilling game, you can check out the history of hockey in Roseau.

    Roseau Memorial Arena was built way back in 1949, showing just how long hockey has been a part of our history in Minnesota.

    16. Shop at Annie’s Trading Post and Ronnings

    Looking for some shopping in Roseau, Minnesota? Head to Annie’s Trading Post and Ronnings for some unique finds!

    These two locations feature all sorts of different findings from outdoor brands like Columbia, Patagonia, and The North Face to Minnesota gear.

    Pieces of clothing from shopping in Roseau that are Minnesota-themed.

    Head into either of them and enjoy finding some souvenirs and goodies to take home!

    I love their selection of Minnesota souvenirs like hoodies and stickers, because I’m someone who just can’t resist a good hoodie!

    17. Take a Trip to the Riverbend Skate Path

    Just 30 minutes away in Warroad, you’ll find the longest skate path in Minnesota, the Riverbend Skate Path.

    When the Warroad River freezes over, the city of Warroad works hard to keep a path plowed that winds along the ice.

    Tyler skating down the Riverbend Skate Path, one of the best things to do in Roseau.

    The Riverbend Skate Path is over 5 miles long and connects the area to a variety of public outdoor skating rinks.

    You’ll find hockey nets along the way to play a game, or you can just spend time meandering down the path and enjoying the cold weather.

    18. Attend the Roseau County Fair

    Since 1906, the Roseau County Fair has been bringing smiles to the faces of young, old, and everyone in between each summer.

    The fair takes place each July and is packed with all sorts of fun events for everyone in Roseau to take part in.

    A fry bread taco from the Roseau County Fair at Oof-da Tacos.

    From a parade to a Grandstand with live music and other events to a demo derby and of course all of the other fair goodies, this is the place to be in the summer.

    Enjoy seeing all of the farm animals, grab some delicious fair food, and catch a thrill on some of the rides.

    My favorite place to grab food is at Oof-Da Tacos! They have delicious fry bread tacos.

    19. Watch a Movie at the Roso Theater

    Whether it’s winter and you want to be inside, it’s too hot in the summer, or you’re just up for a relaxing afternoon, catch a movie at the Roso Theater.

    This isn’t like most other theaters, because they’re only open on select days and only show one movie at a time.

    A movie playing on a screen at a large movie theater.

    But that makes it just that much more special to catch a film when they’re available!

    You’ll often find some of the most popular movies playing in the Roso Theater, so be sure to give them a call to get the showtimes!

    20. Camp at the Roseau City Park

    If you want another thing to do in Roseau, MN this summer, then consider camping at Roseau City Park.

    This is a 40-acre campground that lines the Roseau River and offers campsites for all sorts of types of campers.

    From spots for those with big RVs to tent campers who don’t need much more than a toilet, there are places for you at this great campground.

    As for amenities, you’ll find a playground, volleyball courts, a fishing pier, picnic tables, fire rings, toilets, showers, a dump station, and more.

    21. Check out Mount Roseau Mountain Bike Trails

    While Roseau might not seem like the place that you’d find mountain bike trails, they actually added one here for bikers to check out!

    Mount Roseau features a few spots with flat and hilly terrain, including 6.5 miles of single-track trails.

    I won’t come on here and say that it’s better than some of the other mountain bike tracks in Minnesota, but it’s worth checking out.

    Where to Stay in Roseau, MN

    Now that you know all of the best activities in Roseau, MN, you’ll need somewhere to rest your head for the night. Here’s the best place to stay.

    ➡️ North Country Inn & Suites: Here you’ll find spacious accommodations with an indoor pool and easy access to all of the best things to do in Roseau.

    Best Restaurants in Roseau, MN

    Need to know the best places to eat in Roseau, Minnesota for your visit? Here are my favorite places to go and what I recommend ordering!

    Earl’s Drive-In

    I mentioned Earl’s above and wanted to mention it again here because it’s definitely one of the best places to grab a bite to eat!

    I recommend getting the Hi-Boy burger and then ordering a small box of fries. Their shakes are also really delicious and my favorite is the strawberry.

    Brickhouse Restaurant & Bar

    The Brickhouse is the nicest place to eat in town with a menu featuring things like burgers, steaks, and flatbread pizzas.

    It’s connected to the Polaris Experience Center, so this is a great place to eat after a visit!


    What is Roseau, MN Known For?

    Roseau is most well known for being the birthplace of the power sports company, Polaris. You can explore all sorts of things about Polaris here!

    How Did Roseau, MN Get its Name?

    The city of Roseau was named after the Roseau River. The river was named by Ojibway people who lived here before us.

    How Far is Roseau, MN from Canada Border?

    Roseau is very close to the Canada border. It’s only a 15 minute drive to the Canadaian Border Services Agency in Manitoba.

    Wrap-Up: Things to Do in Roseau, MN

    Now that you know a little bit more about the town that I’ve called home, I hope that you’ve found some great and fun things to do in Roseau, MN.

    It may seem small and like there isn’t much to offer here, but once you’ve arrived, you’ll find that the community is so rewarding and fantastic!

    Now get out and explore the great town of Roseau.