43 Best Campgrounds in Minnesota for RVs & Tents (2023)

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Are you looking to get outdoors this summer and are searching for the best campgrounds in Minnesota?

One of the best ways to enjoy the warm summer sun is by getting out camping, and there are plenty of places to go around Minnesota.

Whether you’re going tent camping or you have an RV, there are many great options for you.

I’ve lived in Minnesota for my entire life and spend several weekends every summer out camping, and have stayed at many of these sites.

In this post, I’ll share with you the best places to get out camping in Minnesota to enjoy our beautiful summers.

Best Campgrounds in Minnesota

There are many places for camping around the state of Minnesota, and below you’ll find just 43 of the best options.

1. Splitrock Lighthouse State Park

Location: Two Harbors
Type: Cart-in; Drive-in
RV/Tent: Both
Facilities: Electric, Showers, Vault toilets

As one of the most popular state parks on the North Shore, camping at Split Rock Lighthouse is a must-do.

It sits right on Lake Superior, so you can fall asleep to the sounds of waves crashing into the shore.

A view of Split Rock Lighthouse from Highway 61 in the fall.

There are two campgrounds here, so you’re able to choose which works best for your situation.

The cart-in campground is within a short distance of the parking lot and is great for those who have limited gear. There aren’t any facilities here aside from vault toilets.

If you have a camper or an RV, then book a site at the Shipwreck Creek Campground, which offers over 40 electric sites.

2. Voyageurs National Park

Location: International Falls
Type: Boat-in; Hike-in
RV/Tent: Tent
Facilities: None

As Minnesota’s only national park, many people seek out campsites at Voyageurs throughout the summer.

If you’re searching for that real up-north experience, then camping at Voyageurs is going to be the place to give that to you!

Almost all campsites in the park require watercraft to reach it, except for a few primitive sites that are hike-in.

If you don’t want to have to either boat or hike to your campsite, then consider staying at one of the drive-in sites nearby.

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    3. Mille Lacs Kathio State Park

    Location: Onamia
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Shower house, Vault toilets, Dump station

    Located along one of Minnesota’s largest lakes, Mille Lacs Kathio State Park is home to one of the best campgrounds in Minnesota on a lake.

    There are nearly 100 sites ready for people with campers or RVs, as they are drive-in.

    At many of the sites, you’ll be within walking distance of toilets and showers, so you won’t need to give up those essentials!

    Of the many campsites, 22 of them offer electricity, so if you’re hoping to hook up for the weekend, you can book one of those sites.

    4. Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

    Location: Ely
    Type: Canoe-in
    RV/Tent: Tent
    Facilities: None

    The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is one of the most visited wilderness areas in the country, so it makes sense why it’s one of the best places for camping in Minnesota.

    Although, camping here certainly isn’t for the non-adventurous, because there are quite a few hurdles to get to a campsite!

    A large lake in Minnesota at sunset.

    In order to find a campground, you’ll need to get out on the water and canoe to your destination.

    The park covers over 1 million acres, and has over 1,200 miles of canoe routes to follow to reach your tent camping site.

    5. Stony Point Campground

    Location: Walker
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Bathrooms, Electricity, Showers, Dump station

    Just off Leech Lake in the Chippewa National Forest, you’ll find the Stony Point Campground, which is perfect for going camping lakeside.

    There are nearly 50 campsites to choose from, depending on which is open at the time of your booking.

    The campground is large and fairly open, so you can fit most sized campers within their sites.

    A swimming beach is found within the campground, as well as boat access and a picnic area for when you’re wanting to enjoy a meal outdoors.

    And Walker is just a few minutes away, so you can head into town and check out the many activities within the small town.

    6. Itasca State Park

    Location: Park Rapids
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Shower house, Toilets, Dump station

    As the home to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, Itasca State Park is a very popular summer destination for tourists and locals.

    There are two different campgrounds here, with over 200 sites available, 160 of them having electrical hook-ups.

    Spend time hiking or biking on the miles of paved trails. Or head to one of the several swimming beaches to take a dip.

    The adorable town of Park Rapids is also only 30 minutes away, so you can head there for some ice cream and souvenir shopping.

    7. Wild River State Park

    Location: Center City
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Electric, Dump station, Toilets

    Wild River State Park is just far enough outside of the Twin Cities that you’ll be able to have that desired Up-North feel.

    The state park’s campground features nearly 100 drive-in sites for people with campers or RVs, as well as people with tents.

    A view of a lakeshore from the perspective of someone kneeling.

    Just over 30 of those sites have electrical hookups, if you’re wanting that for your weekend at this Minnesota campground.

    The park is located along the beautiful St. Croix River, just 15 minutes from Taylors Falls, and has plenty to do including hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, and more.

    8. Great River Bluffs State Park

    Location: Winona
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets

    So many people love Minnesota state park camping, as it offers some of the best opportunities for recreation.

    At Great River Bluffs State Park in Winona, that holds true, as you’ll be near some of the most beautiful hiking trails.

    The park is found along the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota and offers some epic views of the river bluffs (hence the name).

    At the campground, there are just over 30 sites, which each has good vegetation between them to make them more private.

    9. Tettegouche State Park

    Location: Silver Bay
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Dump station

    This favorite state park is located along the North Shore, and offers some of the best camping along Lake Superior.

    At Tettegouche, you can camp year-round at a few of the sites!

    If you want to get even closer to the lake, you can check out the walk-in sites, of which there are 6 of, and they get you close to the water.

    Book your site here early though, because they fill up months in advance!

    Tettegouche State Park is also home to the tallest waterfall in Minnesota, High Falls, which you can hike to during your visit.

    10. Glendalough State Park

    Location: Battle Lake
    Type: Cart-in
    RV/Tent: Tent
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets

    If you don’t have a whole lot of equipment or gear with you, a stay at Glendalough State Park is the perfect way to spend a weekend.

    The cart-in sites are available in a nice, forested area just a short distance from the parking lot, and carts are provided to haul your gear.

    During your stay here, spend time exploring the park, watching for the native wildlife, and canoe or kayak on the non-motorized lake.

    It makes for one peaceful experience camping in Minnesota!

    11. Woodenfrog Campground

    Location: Kabetogama
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Toilets

    Located in the Kabetogama State Forest, way up in Northern Minnesota, this camping spot gives you easy access to Voyageurs National Park.

    So if you aren’t looking to kayak to a campsite in the park, book a stay at this great campground in Minnesota.

    A view of a campsite at a campground in Minnesota.

    The 61 campsites are located near a swimming beach, and many of the sites are found right on the lake!

    If you’re a fisherman, there is also a boat launch nearby, and you can visit the Kabetogama State Forest Visitor Center to learn more about Voyageurs and the surrounding area.

    12. Black Beach Municipal Campground

    Location: Silver Bay
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets

    The perfect opportunity for exploring some of the North Shore’s best places is by reserving a campsite at Black Beach Municipal Campground.

    Choose from a variety of options including full electric sites, or a simple site with none of the extras.

    Either way, you’ll be situated on nearly 15 acres of land, with the sounds of Lake Superior just steps away from you.

    And you can visit the nearby Black Beach, which is a favorite destination for many along the shore.

    13. Afton State Park

    Location: Afton
    Type: Hike-in, Canoe-in
    RV/Tent: Tent
    Facilities: Toilets

    Situated right along the St. Croix River near the popular ski resort, Afton Alps, is the beautiful Afton State Park.

    Afton is home to a variety of different campsites, including hike-in and canoe-in sites.

    While there aren’t any that you can bring your RV to, hiking to your campsite brings adventures of its own!

    Enjoy the solitude and nature away from the city and other people.

    14. Portsmouth Campground

    Location: Crosby
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets

    Cuyuna Recreation Area is one of the top places for mountain bikers, hikers, and outdoor lovers to visit in the summer.

    It’s found just outside of the small town of Crosby, and offers a beautiful outdoors adventure for everyone.

    Portsmouth Campground sits just off the shore of Portsmouth Mine Pit Lake, which is Minnesota’s deepest inland lake.

    15. Wildwood Campground

    Location: Shafer
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets

    Wildwood Campground in Shafer is more than just your average camping experience, because you’ll have access to tons of great amenities!

    Enjoy their basketball and volleyball courts, relax in their heated pool, play a game of mini golf, or wander around their nature trails.

    A log bench and a hammock hanging from a tree while camping in Minnesota.

    They have a variety of sites available, depending on which amenities you’re hoping for, whether it be electricity or not.

    At the campground, you’ll be just a short distance from Taylors Falls, where you can hike at Interstate State Park.

    16. Lebanon Hills Regional Park

    Location: Eagan
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Dump station, Electric, Showers, Toilets

    If you’re hoping to escape some of the Twin Cities but don’t want to go too far, then Lebanon Hills Regional Park is perfect for you.

    It’s just 30 minutes south of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Eagan, and is surrounded by over 2,000 acres of forests and lakes.

    You can even spend time on the lakes, by getting out and going kayaking or paddleboarding.

    Enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature during your stay, and spend time at one of the campsites during your next weekend off.

    17. Lake Maria State Park

    Location: Monticello
    Type: Hike-in
    RV/Tent: Tent
    Facilities: Toilets

    This small state park makes getting to your campsite a bit more difficult, but it’s totally worth the solitude and peace you’ll have once you arrive!

    Hike for about a mile and you’ll reach your campsite.

    Each of the campsites are remote and secluded, so you won’t have to worry about other people.

    Plus, they overlook small lakes and ponds, so you’ll have beautiful views during your stay.

    18. Whitewater State Park

    Location: Altura
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets, Showers, Dump station

    Whether you have a small tent or a large RV, staying at Whitewater State Park is a great choice when you’re looking at campgrounds in Minnesota.

    Choose between either an electric site to drive in to, or one of the cart-in sites, which are a bit further away from the parking area.

    During your stay, you’ll only be about 30 minutes from Winona and the Mississippi River, which has great hiking and viewpoints to enjoy.

    19. Father Hennepin State Park

    Location: Isle
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Dump station

    Located right on a bay of Mille Lacs Lake, a stay at Father Hennepin State Park puts you close to one of the best fishing lakes in the state.

    People love visiting this park for fishing, swimming, and enjoying the views of the large lake that takes up over 200 square miles of space.

    A lakeside campground in Minnesota with a picnic table.

    Enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature as you relax on one of Minnesota’s largest lakes, and take in the panoramic views.

    There are two different campgrounds within the state park, with over 100 sites to choose from. About half of those have electric.

    20. Interstate State Park

    Location: Taylors Falls
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Dump station

    Along the river bluffs of the St. Croix River in Taylors Falls, you’ll find the beautiful Interstate State Park.

    While the park is technically found in two states, you can choose to camp in either Minnesota or Wisconsin.

    There are 37 different sites available during the summer months, and a few of those have options for electrical hookups.

    While you’re camping at the park, check out the Glacial Potholes, do some hiking within the Bluffs, and head into town to check out Taylors Falls.

    And during your time at the Minnesota campground, be sure to also cross the border and check out Wisconsin’s Interstate State Park.

    21. Fall Lake Campground

    Location: Ely
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets, Showers

    As the gateways to the Boundary Waters, Ely offers one of the most beautiful campgrounds in Minnesota on a lake.

    At Fall Lake Campground, you’ll be situated right on Fall Lake, and you’ll have direct access into the Boundary Waters!

    It’s also part of the Superior National Forest, which makes up for 3 million acres of Minnesota’s forest land.

    Some of the campsites are located right on the water.

    Others are tucked back further in the woods and give a bit more peace and quiet.

    During your stay at Fall Lake Campground, check out the hiking trails nearby, the swimming beach, fishing, and more. Kawashiwi Falls is a beautiful waterfall nearby to see.

    22. Nerstrand Big Woods State Park

    Location: Nerstrand
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Sanitary dump station

    Found in the far southern half of Minnesota, this campground makes for the perfect trip from Rochester, if you’re in that area.

    There are just over 50 sites within this Minnesota state park campground, and about half of them are set up for electric.

    A blue tent set up with two hammocks hanging from trees.

    There are also a few walk-in sites available if you don’t have an RV and are okay with carrying your gear to your site.

    During your time here, wander through the towering trees, enjoy the blooming wildflowers, and hike to Hidden Falls.

    23. Bear Head Lake State Park

    Location: Ely
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets, Showers, Dump station

    At Bear Head Lake State Park in Ely, you’ll enjoy the solitude and seclusion from the rest of the big state of Minnesota.

    Stay at one of the over 70 campsites, some of which are tucked back in the woods for extra privacy.

    A few backpack sites are available as well, if you’re looking to really escape other people and everyday life.

    Even if you’re looking to camp in the winter, you can stay at Bear Head State Park, as select sites remain open in the winter months.

    Within a short distance away is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where you can spend time exploring the endless miles of canoe routes.

    24. Ann Lake Campground

    Location: Big Lake
    Type: Drive-in; Walk-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Toilets

    If you don’t need a whole lot when it comes to camping, then you’ll love staying at the Ann Lake Campground.

    It’s a primitve campground that is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There aren’t any facilities here, so come prepared!

    There are a few drive-in sites, as well as a few sites to walk in to, and you’ll be located right on Ann Lake.

    Enjoy the sandy beach, hiking trails, and great lake for some fishing during the summer months.

    25. Kamp Dels

    Location: Waterville
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets, Showers,

    If you have little kiddos, a stay at Kamp Dels for a summer weekend if going to provide them with memories to last a lifetime.

    You’ll be able to enjoy the usual fun of camping along Lake Sakatah, but with some great added amenities for even more family fun.

    Splash in their giant waterpark, hang out with the animals at the petting zoo, play a game of mini golf, and recreate on the lake.

    By the end of the busy day, you’ll be ready for a nice relaxing time my the campfire!

    26. Jay Cooke State Park

    Location: Carlton
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Dump station

    Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton is the first official state park as you make your way north along the North Shore.

    A stay at this campground gives you easy access to Duluth, and the many things that there are to do in the beautiful city.

    A s'more held in front of a burning campfire.

    Choose from one of the nearly 80 sites, of which about 20 have electrical hookups.

    Hike along the miles of hiking trails that run through the park, including the Willard Munger State Trail and the Superior Hiking Trail.

    27. Gooseberry Falls State Park

    Location: Two Harbors
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Toilets, Showers

    As one of the most popular state parks in all of Minnesota, you can expect the campground at Gooseberry Falls to fill up rather quickly!

    There aren’t any electrical sites here, so you’re able to full disconnect and just enjoy time in the outdoors.

    While you’re staying at this campground, you can’t miss seeing the main falls that are just steps from the parking lot and campground.

    And be sure to spend some time wandering around the shores of the lake, as there are many great hikes along Lake Superior.

    28. Two Rivers Campground

    Location: Royalton
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets, Dump Station

    Just outside of St. Cloud, a weekend spent at Two Rivers Campground will allow you to make some great family memories.

    Located right on the Mississippi River, you can spend time relaxing on the waterfront.

    Enjoy time on the sandy beach, launch your boat into the river from the boat launch, or rent a few tubes and float down the Mississippi.

    Aside from the basic camping amenities, Two River Campground also has 2 pools with waterslides, mini golf, a basketball and volleyball court, and more.

    The Two Rivers Campground offers a lot, similar to what the other best campgrounds in Minnesota do.

    29. Eagle Cliff Campground

    Location: Lanesboro
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Electric

    There are 150 sites within the Eagle Cliff Campground, includinga few that are primitive along the river, and multiple that are fully set up for electric.

    Kiddos will love playing at the playground, and the entire family can enjoy the kayak and canoe rentals.

    There are also many great places to go fishing, ride bikes, and swim in the Root River.

    Eagle Cliff Campground is just under an hour from Rochester, making it the perfect family weekend getaway from the city.

    30. Pokegama Dam Campground

    Location: Grand Rapids
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Dump station, Electric

    The Pokegama Dam Campground is located just outside of the city of Grand Rapids along the Mississippi River.

    There are plenty of sites available, both electric and not.

    A fishing hook hanging off of a dock in front of a lake with lily pads at a Minnesota campground.

    People enjoy kayaking along the river, biking on the paved trails, and heading over to Tioga Recreation Area for mountain biking.

    Tioga Beach is also just a few minutes away, where you can spend time relaxing on a sandy beach on Pokegama Lake.

    During your stay, head into the town of Grand Rapids for some great dining, shopping, and more.

    31. Lake of the Woods Campground

    Location: Baudette
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets, Showers, Sanitary dump station

    Way up north, nearly across the Canadian border, is Lake of the Woods Campground in Baudette.

    You guessed it, this campground sits right on the beautiful Lake of the Woods, one of the largest lakes in the state, although mostly in Canada.

    Hook up your camper at one of the many sites, and then get ready for some fun, as the campground has a pool, playground, volleyball court, and more.

    And of course, one of the best things to do is to get out onto Lake of the Woods and fish, boat, swim, or just hangout.

    32. Bemidji KOA Journey

    Location: Bemidji
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets

    KOA campgrounds offer some great amenities for getting out into the wilderness a bit easier, without having to give up your modern amenities.

    At the Bemidji KOA Journey, you can stay within 15 minutes of Bemidji, and still enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

    It’s located just off of Highway 2, so there is easy access for those on a drive from one point to another.

    Enjoy relaxing in the acres upon acres of forested land, surrounded by many lakes. Itasca State Park is just 45 minutes away.

    There is even a pool at the KOA to enjoy during your time at this family campground in Minnesota.

    33. Crow Wing Lake Campground

    Location: Brainerd
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets

    Just outside of the Brainerd-Baxter area, Crow Wing Lake Campground sits along the shores of the large Crow Wing Lake.

    With opportunities to get out on the water and fish, canoe, kayak, or swim, this campground provides everyone with a fun experience.

    There are 100 sites available, and most of them have full hookups for electric, sewer, and water.

    Rent kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and more from their camp store, or just sit around the campfire enjoying a s’more.

    If you want to explore some of Brainerd, there are many great restaurants to try, the Brainerd International Raceway, and much more.

    34. Minneapolis Northwest KOA Journey

    Location: Maple Grove
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Toilets

    If you’re hoping to get out and spend some time outdoors but don’t want to go too far from Minneapolis, the KOA Journey in Maple Grove is the place to be.

    The campground is only 30 minutes north of Minneapolis, and will surround you in 20 acres of beautiful maples, oaks, and large trees.

    A gray tent set up on a tent pad in the forest.

    Several sites offer full electric, sewer, and water hookups, and some of them are pull through while others are back-in.

    And while you’re at the campground, enjoy the pool that’s open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

    35. Fond Du Lac Campground

    Location: Duluth
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Electric

    Just over the border from Wisconsin, the Fond du Lac Campground is found on the outskirts of Duluth.

    Duluth is a favorite destination for travelers to Minnesota and locals, so staying at a campground here is perfect.

    There are 55 campsites here located along the St. Louis River. Enjoy grassy campsites with plenty of space away from your neighbors.

    Choose from either a shoreline site with full hookups, or a rustic site where you can set up your tent to enjoy the outdoors.

    36. Long Lake Campground

    Location: Shevlin
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Showers, Toilets, Electric, Dump station

    Just outside of Bemidji is Long Lake Campground, situated on a large grassy field just off the shores of Long Lake.

    Choose between sites with full electric hookups or a primitive site for your tent.

    Long Lake is one of many, many other Long Lakes in Minnesota, so don’t get this one confused with the others!

    Here, you can enjoy the large fishing dock, spend time relaxing at the swimming beach, or wander around the nature trails.

    Either way, going camping at Long Lake Campground will make for a memorable experience.

    37. Eckbeck Campground

    Location: Finland
    Facilities: Toilets

    If you’re visiting the North Shore and are finding that many of the state park campgrounds are full, then check out the Eckbeck Campground.

    It’s located in Finland, just outside of Silver Bay, and features multiple first-come, first-served primitive campsites.

    A campsite just off of the shoreline of a lake from camping in Minnesota.

    You won’t get any amenties here, as it’s a pretty basic campground, but it’s really nice for a cheap place to camp.

    Staying at a primitive campsite makes it easy to enjoy nature, disconnect from daily life, and relax by the campfire.

    38. Temperance River State Park

    Location: Schroeder
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets

    Another of the eight state parks along the North Shore, Temperance River State Park is often less crowded than some of the others.

    Just over 50 sites are available, with 18 of them being set up for electric hookups.

    If you’d prefer to stay a short distance away from the RVs and drive-in campsites, choose one of the 6 cart-in campsites.

    During your time at the campground, check out the hiking trails within the park, head down to Lake Superior, or visit Silver Bay.

    Even with kiddos, camping along the shore is a great thing to do this summer!

    39. Sibley State Park

    Location: New London
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets, Dump station

    Between the two Minnesota campgrounds at Sibley State Park in New London, there are 132 sites to choose from and stay at.

    If you’d like to be closer to Andrew Lake, reserve your stay at the Lakeview Campground, which has well-shaded sites.

    And if you don’t mind being a bit further away, then a stay at the Oak Ridge Campground may suit you better.

    Nearby, enjoy kayaking and canoeing along the small chain of lakes within the park, fishing in Andrew Lake, or hiking along the trails.

    40. Blue Mounds State Park

    Location: Luverne
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets, Dump station

    In the far southwest corner of Minnesota, a visit to Blue Mounds State Park will feel like you’ve left Minnesota altogether!

    Reserve a stay at the campground, which is located near a small pond, and you’ll be surrounded by quartzite cliffs rising into the sky.

    A tent set up in the forest.

    There are very few places within Minnesota to see bison roaming, but there is a herd that calls Blue Mounds State Park home.

    And in the summer, you can find prickly pear cactus blooming, another unique site within the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

    41. Ferguson’s Willow Creek

    Location: Rochester
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: RV
    Facilities: Shower, Toilets, Electric

    Just outside of Rochester, you’ll find the Ferguson’s Willow Creek RV Park, another great RV campground in Minnesota.

    This park offers multiple sites, both pull through and back-in, depending on what you need for your equipment.

    It’s the perfect spot to escape a bit of the city from Rochester, without having to go too far.

    42. Grand Marais Recreation Area

    Location: Grand Marais
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets

    Another campsite along the North Shore, but outside of the state parks, is the Grand Marais Recreation Area.

    It sits right along the shores of Lake Superior, and there are 300 total sites to choose from, all with beautiful views of the lake.

    Even if you don’t have a site right along the lake, you’ll still be able to enjoy the sounds and sights of Lake Superior.

    Several campsites are open year-round, so if you’re up for some winter camping, this is the place to do it!

    Be sure to check out all that there is to do in Grand Marais, hike on the beuatiful trails in the area, and of course, wander the shores of Lake Superior during your visit.

    43. William O’Brien State Park

    Location: Marine on St. Croix
    Type: Drive-in
    RV/Tent: Both
    Facilities: Electric, Showers, Toilets, Dump station

    Whether you have an RV or a tent, a stay at William O’Brien State Park will provide you with a fun camping experience.

    Explore the views along the banks and rolling hills of the St. Croix River, get out on the hiking trails, or fish within the river itself.

    Stay at one of the 114 sites, of which around 70 have electric hookups.

    A lake in Minnesota as seen at sunset.

    Many of the sites are well shaded from the sun, while others are more open to enjoy those beautfiul Minnesota summers.

    The park is only an hour from Minneapolis, so you really don’t have to go far to escape the busyness of the city.

    Best Time of Year to Camp in Minnesota

    While there are some places where you can camp year-round, Minnesota gets pretty darn cold in the winter months.

    So it’s best to go camping in Minnesota during the summer (June, July, and August).

    These months are warm and sunny, and most campgrounds are open and ready for visitors.

    Fall is also another beautiful time to camp since you’ll get to see all of the beautiful fall foliage around you.

    Is Minnesota Good for Camping?

    Yes, Minnesota is a beautiful state for camping and there is really no shortage of campgrounds in Minnesota!

    With all of our forests and lakes, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and camp.

    And at most of the campgrounds, you can hike, bike, fish, boat, swim, or do other fun outdoor activities.

    Can You Dispersed Camp in Minnesota?

    Yes, you can disperse camp in Minnesota, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

    • Camp at least 1 mile away from all designated campgrounds
    • You must park your vehicle safely off of the road
    • Do not park at trailheads
    • Choose an area that already exists such as a field or a natural clearing
    • Stay at least 100 feet away from any water source and be sure the site has good drainage
    • Remove all garbage, bury human waste, and leave things better than you found them


    How Much Does it Cost to Camp in Minnesota State Parks?

    The cost of Minnesota state park camping depends on which type of campsite you’re booking. But the costs can vary anywhere from $15 to $50. They can also cost much more if you’re booking a group campsite.

    Can You Camp for Free in Minnesota?

    The only free camping available in Minnesota is dispersed camping. This can be done in Minnesota state forests, at least one mile outside of designated campgrounds.

    What Are the Best Free Campsites?

    The best free campsites are dispersed campsites. This can be done in Minnesota state forests.

    Can You Sleep in Your Car in Minnesota?

    Yes, you can sleep in your car in Minnesota at rest stops, campgrounds, and at dispersed campsites.

    Can You Camp in National Forests in Minnesota?

    Yes, you can camp in national forests in Minnesota, but only within designated campgrounds. You can disperse camp only in state forests.

    Wrap-Up: Campgrounds in Minnesota

    Getting out into nature, breathing in that fresh air, and enjoying the sounds of birds chirping are a few of the best reasons to go camping.

    And when you’re in Minnesota, there are more than enough places to go!

    Between all of these great campgrounds in Minnesota, you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere to spend a weekend this summer.