19 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis (For a Date or Studying) 2023

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Whether you’re looking for somewhere to connect to the wifi and get some work done or sit and chat with an old friend, a coffee shop does just the trick.

Or maybe you’re looking for a way to up your energy before heading into the office on a Monday morning after a long weekend… I totally get it.

I’ve done the research for you and have found the best coffee shops in Minneapolis for you to make a pitstop at for that mid-day pick-me-up.

While you could easily swing through the Starbucks or Caribou drive-thru, why not support a local business and try something new?

Here are 19 of the best places to grab a cup of joe.

Map of Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

Top Minneapolis Coffeehouses

1. Misfit Coffee

First on the list is a popular Minneapolis-based coffee shop called Misfit Coffee.

With two different locations, one in Uptown and one in Near North, this adorable shop has got you covered, no matter where you’re at.

Living up to their name, those at Misfits give off a trendy vibe that is unique from other shops in the area.

The founder talks about being a creative and how if you have a dream and a passion, you should pursue it.

A coffee cup near a snowy bush from a coffee shop.

They have a menu filled with classics like macchiatos and americanos, but also with specialty lattes, cold brews, and more.

You can also grab lunch here and try something like their pulled pork ramen, which is something that won’t be found anywhere else!

2401 Lyndale Ave. S
207 Humboldt Ave. N

2. Quixotic Coffee

The goal at Quixotic Coffee is to help guests escape the problems that they might be facing in their everyday life if it’s even for just five minutes.

And if a business cares that much about me and my problems, I’m positive that they’ve got to be a pretty decent establishment.

At Quixotic, they serve a variety of coffees that are sure to delight your tastebuds and give you that boost of energy that you may need.

They also have non-coffee drinks such as smoothies made with fresh and greens.

What they serve is made with local ingredients, and they’re sure to add a bit of Quixotic flair to each beverage.

769 Cleveland Ave. S, St. Paul

3. Five Watt Coffee

There’s a reason that Five Watt Coffee has four locations in the Twin Cities area!

This coffee shop in Minneapolis was founded in 2014, and I’m sure that you’ll love the friendly appeal, as soon as you walk inside.

The baristas pride themselves on getting to know their customers and remembering the names and orders of their regulars.

The entrance for Five Watt Coffee in Minneapolis.

On their menu, they’ve got a full list of specialty coffees, including a ‘Pollinator,’ which is made of honey-lavender syrup, cardamom bitters, espresso, and milk.

Doesn’t that sound just delicious?!

They also have seasonal drinks, so don’t worry– you’ll be able to find something pumpkin when the fall season comes around.

3745 Nicollet Ave. S
3350 Lyndale Ave. S
861 E Hennepin Ave.
928 7th St. SW, St. Paul

4. Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

If you’ve ever done any research on coffee shops in the Twin Cities area, you’ve likely seen something about Spyhouse Coffee Roasters.

With 6 locations in the Twin Cities and one in Rochester, they are a pretty well-known cafe to find a good drink at and cozy on up in during the winter.

Since first opening in 2000 in the Whittier neighborhood, Spyhouse has aimed to create a community around serving good coffee.

A sign for Spyhouse Coffee Bar and Lounge.

They work to educate their customers on the entire process of making coffee, from sourcing to serving.

On top of that, they work to support other local businesses, as they see how important that is, at a small, local business itself.

Their location at the Emery Hotel offers a large space, making it a great place to study or get some work done.

So stop into Spyhouse and enjoy one of their carefully made classics, like a latte, hot chocolate, or even a slice of coffee cake.

2451 Nicollet Ave.
2402 Hennepin Ave.
945 Broadway St. NE
907 N Washington Ave.
215 S 4th St.
420 Snelling Ave. S, St. Paul

5. Dogwood Coffee Co.

Dogwood Coffee Co.’s mission statement is to ‘make coffee for others.’

They strive to bring value and give value to everyone that walks through their doors, and everyone that helps make their coffee.

From the delivery drivers to the baristas to you, they want to serve the best value and make life a little more fun.

From their drip coffee to their matcha lattes or a cold brew, you’ll taste the quality in every sip that you take out of a Dogwood Coffee cup.

1209 Tyler St. NE
4021 East Lake St.
825 Carleton St., St. Paul

6. 7 Corners

At their downtown location, 7 Corners Coffee has a welcoming and warming atmosphere, that you’ll feel comfortable in.

Their goal is to provide a space for friends and strangers to come together and connect, just like a corner, from all stages in life.

The entrance to 7 Corners.

On their menu, you’ll find rotating espresso and pour-over coffee options, as well as their signature drip that is there to stay.

My favorite is their chai latte, but all of their other beverages sound and look delicious as well.

1851 S Washington Ave.

7. Isles Bun & Coffee

This unique shop sells more than just coffee, and they’re well-known for their Puppy Dog Tails and bakery items.

Located in the heart of uptown, Isles is the perfect place to stop for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Since opening in 1993, this Minneapolis coffee shop has been a favorite amongst visitors and locals alike as they explore Lake of the Isles.

And while you might be on the search for a good cup of coffee, you can’t visit Isles without grabbing one of their delectable cinnamon rolls.

In everything that they brew and bake, a heaping spoonful of TLC is mixed in, to ensure that guests feel the love that goes into each item.

1424 W 28th St.

8. Wildflyer Coffee

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee and a place to support a great cause, then Wildflyer Coffee is going to be the place for you.

This nonprofit coffee shop makes coffee not just to serve you as their customer, but also to serve youth who need support.

The employees working at Wildflyer are youth in need, who are completing a 6-month work and life skills training program.

With the help of Wildflyer, these youth are able to learn critical skills that they will need in the workforce and in life, that they may not learn otherwise.

Their main goal is to help end homelessness in the Twin Cities area and to provide for youth who are experiencing homelessness.

3262 Minnehaha Ave.

9. Cafe Astoria

For those Insta-worthy coffees, Cafe Astoria is definitely the best place for you.

This unique shop serves a variety of coffee as well as breakfast and lunch foods, so it’s a great place to go hang out for a few hours.

A cup of coffee with a decoration on top.

Choose from their extensive list of crepes, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, and salads for a delicious meal.

Plus, they have super unique and beautiful coffees, which have colorful latte art on top, adding to the fun aspect of visiting Cafe Astoria.

180 Grand Ave., St. Paul
325 W 7th St., St. Paul

10. Mudslingers Coffee

Looking for a way to grab a delicious cup of coffee on the go? Head to Mudslingers Coffee!

This adorable drive-thru-only coffee place in the Twin Cities will allow you to grab that pick-me-up without using too much of your precious time.

Friendly baristas will serve you a large variety of specialty espresso drinks, such as their Berry White, made with white chocolate and raspberry.

As well as classics such as americanos and hot chocolate, or a cold press.

Although it’s a small shop, you won’t be let down, as Mudslingers has been voted to have some of the best coffee in the state by USA Today and Reader’s Choice Awards.

2154 Lexington Ave. N, Roseville

11. The Cafe Meow

I know what you’re thinking… that’s kind of a funny name for a coffee shop… but is it?

Just wait until you arrive at The Cafe Meow, where you’ll be met by 10-15 adoptable cats, ready to chat with you while you sip your coffee.

Yes, you read that right. There are adoptable cats at this coffeehouse, just waiting for you to arrive.

Pay a small fee to enter the cat lounge, which helps pay for the basic essentials that the cats require, then spend time loving on those kitties!

A cat relaxing while being pet under the chin.
Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

The Cafe Meow has helped over 500 cats find their forever homes since they first opened in February of 2018.

And you can help get their current cats ready for their forever home by socializing with them, and maybe you’ll even find one to bring home.

Talk about a bonus to just searching for a hot drink!

2323 Hennepin Ave. S

12. The Get Down Coffee Company

If you enjoy Dogwood Coffee Co., then you’ll also love The Get Down Coffee Company, as they share a founder, along with his partner.

They roast and sell their own coffee and have a goal of opening a roastery in north Minneapolis.

They use ethically sourced beans and make only high-quality coffee for their customers.

Check out their seasonal drinks, as well as a variety of pastries, or bring home a bag of beans to make your own.

1500 N 44th Ave.

13. Fairgrounds Craft Coffee & Tea

Fairgrounds is a coffeehouse dedicated to bringing people together with locations in Minneapolis, Chicago, Oak Park, Milwaukee, and Dallas.

Its name symbolizes a place where as children, we explored, made friends, and had the time of our lives.

Holding a cup of coffee from a Minneapolis coffee shop.

That is what Fairgrounds Craft Coffee and Tea strives to do for each customer that steps through their doors.

Along with your coffee, enjoy a variety of breakfast sandwiches, salads, lunches, and their famous funnel cake fries.

116 3rd Ave. N


This downtown Minneapolis coffee shop opened up in 2019 and has since been producing an ever-changing menu of coffees.

They partner with like-minded creators from both local areas as well as around the world.

FRGMNT comes from the word fragment, meaning a part of a whole, which this small cafe is, to the neighborhood and the world.

Stop in to their North Loop location and check out their new drinks and try something delicious.

729 N Washington Ave.

15. Gray Fox Coffee

Head into Gray Fox Coffee in either Uptown or Downtown and try out one of their unique and delicious specialty coffees.

They also serve non-coffee drinks such as iced tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, and more.

Each of their specialty drinks has a beautiful latte art on top, making them unique from some of the other shops nearby,

801 Marquette Ave. S
1477 W Lake St.

16. Sisters’ Sludge Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar

At the Sister’s Sludge Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar, you’ll get to combine two favorites, coffee and wine.

A cup of hot coffee from a coffeehouse.

This cafe has been owned since 1997 by identical triplet sisters who are all about having fun and drinking good coffee.

They serve a variety of food and coffee, as well as different glasses of wine and beers.

3746 23rd Ave. S

17. Wilde Cafe & Spirits

At Wilde Cafe and Spirits, you can enjoy brunch and a coffee as you relax on the Mississippi Riverfront in a uniquely decorated space.

The cafe is named after Oscar Wilde who was a popular Irish 19th-century poet and playwright in London.

The space has been decorated with eccentric taste, just as Wilde would have liked it.

You can head into Wilde Cafe and enjoy sipping on a hot cup of coffee as you sit by their beautiful 1900s fireplace.

On the menu, you’ll find brunch items as well as a dinner menu, and of course, an extensive list of coffees, wine, beer, and cocktails.

65 E Main St.

18. Wesley Andrews Coffee

If you’re looking to add a little happiness to your day, look no further than Wesley Andrews Coffee in Minneapolis.

This small Twin Cities coffee shop has a goal of adding a bit of joy to each person that steps through their door, one cup of coffee at a time.

A sign reading "coffee" on a brick building.

All of their beans are sourced from farmers and co-ops who have the same values as them.

Order one of their seasonal beverages or a regular favorite such as a matcha tea, made with premium matcha from Kyoto, Japan, or a simple pour-over.

111E 26th St.

19. Uncommon Grounds

Uncommon Grounds is known as Minneapolis’s oldest coffee shop, and it’s housed in a Victorian-style home that was built in 1877.

From the unique building that it’s located in, to the unique decor on the inside, you’ll be surrounded by an atmosphere unlike any other.

Uncommon Grounds has a mirrored coffee bar and a 50-year-old espresso machine from Italy to add to the ambiance of the place.

They’ve been known to have some of the best chai around, so be sure to stop in and give it a try for yourself.

2809 Hennepin Ave.


Is Minnesota Known for Coffee?

While the state of Minnesota isn’t entirely known for coffee, we sure do produce some delicious brews that will leave you wanting more.
Minnesota is home to two of the largest coffee chains though, Dunn Bros (founded in St. Paul) and Caribou Coffee (founded in Edina).

What is the Best Coffee Shop in Downtown Minneapolis?

Spyhouse Coffee is one of the best places to grab a coffee in Downtown Minneapolis.
You can also grab a cup of joe at 7 Corners, FRGMNT, and Wilde Cafe & Spirits.

Wrap-Up: Twin Cities Coffee Shops

Making a stop at a chain coffee place can be really easy, but trying a local shop is a lot of fun and gives you a unique perspective on coffee.

This list of 19 of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis will help you find a new place to go every time you’re in need of a little boost.

From unique drinks to Victorian-style decor, to a riverfront brunch cafe, there’s some sort of coffeehouse for everyone.

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